Random Games from the Archive

Robin of the Wood

From a time outside history - before the language of the English was ever written down - there come to us stories and legends of heroes and valiant folk. Amid battles and adventures, deeds of courage and of treachery, striving against tyranny,…

Android One: The Reactor Run

Can you destroy the reactor before the reactor destroys the world? Only if you can blast through brick walls, mazes and strong rooms, dodge moving obstacles and overcome hoards of fiendish mutants first.


HEY! ANYBODY SEEN A GHOST? Matter of fact, yes. Many, many ghosts are right now winging their way to the infamous spook central. And only you can avert a disaster of biblical proportions. To save the city you must make it to the top of the Temple…


THE BLACK VOID Long dark paths have I travelled, through caverns and hidden labyrinths, my path grown darker... Deathly chill as I approach the "Well of Evil"... guarding the UNDERWURLDE. I approach, fix my rope, and with a firm leap, swing down…

The Best Games for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum