Random Games from the Archive


The object of the game is to absorb the Sentinel and replace him as ruler of the landscape. Once achieved, you may hyperspsce into a new world to begin the struggle afresh.

Enduro Racer

The player rides the dirt bike through five stages and must avoid other riders as well rocks and trees. They can also jump over them with assist from the logs. The game's most definitive feature was the 'wheelie' feature that allowed players to pull…


The year is 1841... The traders of Britain, Europe and America are sailing the waters of east in search of their fortunes. Twenty years earlier the Emperor of China had decreed that the purchase of China's goods could only be paid with silver…

Armageddon Man

The year is 2032 AD and the world is balanced on a knife edge between survival and destruction. The last thirty years have seen an enormous expansion of the world's nuclear arsenal. There are now 16 nuclear superpower nations, each with the capacity…

The Best Games for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum