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Make detective Grade "A" in this fascinating gangster thriller. to find the hidden tape recording and return with the message you'll need cunning and quick reactions... Broads, booze and bullets all feature in this Movie.

Samantha Fox Strip Poker

The player faces Samantha Fox in a game of poker. As the player wins his opponent gets undressed until you get to the last scene where Samantha Fox is revealed topless. The graphics of the game are black and white. The game was programmed by…


The Streets aren't safe! Night falls swiftly as you make your way through the most sinister part of town to collect your girl. So far so good... your train pulls into the subway station, alighting you realise you are not alone! The station, and the…


It is 2501, 100 years after the Great War. The North American continent is ruled by mighty warlords in constant conflict over forest territory. You are one of the elite mercenaries, Riders of the Big Bikes. It's a quick way to get rich - and a…

The Best Games for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum