Random Games from the Archive

Green Beret

You are THE GREEN BERET, a highly trained combat machine. Your mission; infiltrate all four enemy Strategic Defence Installations - you are alone, against immeasurable odds, have you the skill and stamina to succeed?

Laser Squad

Laser Squad is a turn-based tactics war game where the player completes objectives such as rescue or retrieval operations, or simply eliminating all of the enemy by taking advantage of cover, squad level military tactics, and careful use of…

Chinese Juggler

Your turn to be the juggler! You must get all eight plates to spin simultaneously and to do this requires skill and strategy. Approach the table from one side and by pressing the fire button you can pick up the plate, remember to push the joystick…


A puzzle game based on mirrors reflecting a laser beam. More fun than it sounds.

The Best Games for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum