Garfield - Big, Fat, Hairy Deal

Garfield - Big, Fat, Hairy Deal

The Edge, 1988

I wonder what day it is? Hum...


What's that??

"Garfield... Arlene's been taken to the City Pound!!"

Hellooo Monday... it must be Monday. Nothing good happens to me on a Monday.

Well, I suppose... yawn... that it's time to get started. Where's Odie? Where is the world's most stupid dog? Perhaps he could go to the pound for me... no I suppose I'd better go myself...

This is going to be difficult... John's even locked the refrigerator. Can't even say Hello to the Lasagna... and I suppose I can't even get at his coffee whilst he's looking...

It should be easy for me to find the City Pound... although it will probably be a little easier for me to find some other places... say the Butcher...

Yup... I should be okay as long as Odie and Nermal (the World's cutest kitten) can help me... and as long as I don't get too many Snack Attacks!


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